What we have in common with Beethoven...

Elaborating wine is like composing a symphony

we live day and night in the vineyard itself, we here the sound of music, created by nature itself, every moment of the day, 24/7. It brings us really back to Earth, both feet on the ground. We learned from our older neighbors how traditional wines were made, without any human interaction with the wine itself, as leaving it up to nature, to decide when fermentation starts, if the wine goes into malolactic or not...

We were not aiming to have more acres of land, but Nature and neighbors gave us the opportunity to grow more rapidly than expected.

Around the bodega itself, we cultivate now a block of land of 4,5ha. Apart from that, we rent about 3ha more in other areas of Tenerife, especially because we know now where the best autochtone varieties grow, and where these varieties grow the best.

Every morning we wake up with new ideas, new elements that fit perfectly together in our own symphony..

285 D48 CC D12 D 455 D 82 A7 30 A02 E2 C5588 1 105 c
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