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Each sunday in july and august, from 2PM till 8PM

You can book us for your garden-parties, company incentives, canarian wine tastings,… as long as the number of guests is at least 10 persons and maximum 25 persons. We bring our inflatable Tabares4-tent, the Canarian wines, the special T4-wine-glasses and our good mood. We’ll enjoy and inform all your guests why the Canarian wines are so special, we will bring their tasting ability to a next level.

For wine importers, wine shops, webshops, sommeliers, restaurants, ...

We offer you an overview of at least 60 different Canarian wines, 15 of them are wines from our own vineyards and bodega. The range starts with topwines ‘à la carte’ and goes up to the canarian connoisseur wines that are really over-the-top. Please contact us to organize a tasting, large or small, depending on your time schedule. We are there to advise you and your crew technically and commercially.

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Professional visits and tastings

Professional visits and tastings are also possible in our bodega in La Matanza as well, between 28th December and 10th March. Please book your ideal date in advance, so that we can prepare all the necessary in Tenerife for you, your family or your colleagues or friends.

Bodega invitations

Especially for all restaurant crews on the Canary Islands (and on the European mainland) we invite you for a visit to our bodega Tabares4, where you can have an open discussion with the oenologists, blend and taste all our wines yourself, experience all the elaborating process yourself... a better incentive for you and your crew is hard to find. We are open to all your ideas, please let us know how we can cooperate.

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