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Tenerife in a glass of wine

Jardin tropical
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Overwhelming volcanic expression in all cool climate wines from the land of eternal spring, Macaronesia!

The 1st vineyard of 1,25 ha was established in 2004, at a height of 690-700m, on the west side of the Reventon barranco, the natural barrier between the more humid and misty El Sauzal-area and the moisture Victoria-Santa Ursula valley. Where we are, the soil is completely copper red, with large pieces of lava rocks in the upper surface, volcanic, sandy clay deep down, soil that can buffer lots of rain water in a natural way. This plot is just a 100m below the sweet Chesnut area, where also the famous Papas Negras (papas arugadas) are grown and where there are natural water caves allover.

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Jardin Tropical

Each Friday, Saturday and Sunday in July and August from 2pm to 10pm

For us there is only one possibility to give all our wines as much attention as they deserve, and that is to offer you, as a customer, the opportunity to enjoy these wines, in a Canarian atmosphere, by a swimming pool, in the tropical garden of Jardin Tropical, with original tapas, with Spanish music,…

That's why you can come and enjoye with us as from June 3, 2023 at our address Nieuwstraat 38 in 3540 Donk – Herk-de-Stad in our Jardin Tropical.

Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday in June, July and August 2023 from 2 pm to 10 pm.

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