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We are Bodega y Viñedos Tabares4.wine, we are a Belgian wine producer in the north of Tenerife, in La Matanza de Acentejo.

We elaborate our wines in collaboration with the very best local oenologist, who (also) has Belgian roots, Ricardo Guitierez de la Salamanca (Richard), graduated in France.

For now we are a rather small producer, about 15.000 bottles, but with all your helping hands, we will grow to 50.000 bottles in 2025.

The Canary Islands have almost all (very) small bodegas, almost all production is grown artisanal, with manual harvesting, visual control and the use of pied-de-cûve as the main fermentation start.

The new generation of oenologists likes to work with new and used French oak barricas, terracotta tajinas and concrete Nomblot Eggs. They are true masters in blending top wines.

Tenerife is without any doubt the favorite winter-holiday-destination for so many North-Europeans.

The local wines that visitors drink in the upper class restaurants are often of autochthonous varieties, that are well known on the islands and highly appreciated. Their recognisability is based on volcanic minerality, high alcohol percentages, gracious spiciness, great aromas and exceptional long persistence.

In addition, the price level for this type of wines is very acceptable and interesting for the consumer.

Unfortunately, we are first and foremost 'wine-growers', our knowledge of selling wine in a competitive wine markets is not yet fully optimized.

We are looking for commercial alliances with a Belgian, Dutch, UK, Scandinavian (or by extension) North-European wine trade company that wants to focus on the important niche market of volcanic, Canarian wines.

Can we arouse your interest in marketing our wines in Belgium, the Netherlands or other European countries?

Can you make time for a presentation and possibly a tasting at your your our place ?

Are you interested in starting your own wine-growing project on Tenerife or another Canary Island? We are happy to help you on the right track with our expertise.